Milexia UK partner Passive Plus now offer a Low ESR/ESL EIA capacitor series.

The multi-layer capacitors have been developed for High-Q and Microwave applications, where the need for Low Noise, High Self-Resonance, and High Working Voltage are required. They also exhibit an ultra-stable performance over temperature and are also fully RoHS compliant.

Available in the 021N and 0402N series:

0201N series:

Size: .020” x.010”
Value Range: 0.1pF – 100pF
Extended WVDC: 50V
Q = 2,000 min. @ 1 MHZ
TCC: 0 ± 30 ppm/°C (-55°C – +175°C)

0402N series:

Size: .040” x .020”
Value Range: 0.1pF – 33pF
WVDC: 250V
Q = 2,000 min. @ 1 MHZ
TCC: 0 ± 30 ppm /°C (-55°C – +175°C)

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Passive Plus manufacture of high-performance RF/Microwave passive components and specialise in High-Q, Low ESR/ESL Capacitors, Broadband Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Chip Resistors and Thin Film Resistors, and Trimmer Capacitors for the Medical, Semiconductor, Defense, Broadcast and Telecommunications Industries.

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