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RF Downconverters

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Partner: Signal Core

  • SC5313A - 6 GHz IQ Demodulator USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5312A - 6 GHz IQ Demodulator PXI Express
  • SC5360A - 9.345 GHz Dual Channel USB/SPI
  • SC5360B - 9.05 to 9.55 GHz Dual Channel USB/SPI
  • SC5308A - 6 GHz RF Downconverter USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5307A - 6 GHz RF Downconverter PXI Express
  • SC5306B - 3.9 GHz RF Downconverter USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5305A - 3.9 GHz RF Downconverter PXI Express
  • SC5303A - 1.3 GHz RF Downconverter USB/RS-232/SPI.
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RF Upconverters

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Partner: Signal Core

  • SC5413A - 6 GHz IQ Modulator USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5412A - 6 GHz IQ Modulator PXI Express
  • SC5408A - 6 GHz RF Upconverter USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5407A - 6 GHz RF Upconverter PXI Express
  • SC5406B - 3.9 GHz RF Upconverter USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5405A - 3.9 GHz RF Upconverter PXI Express.
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RF Synthesizers

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Partner: Signal Core

  • SC5511A - 20 GHz Signal Source USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5510A - 20 GHz Signal Source PXI Express
  • SC5503B - 10 GHz Signal Source USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5505A - 6 GHz Dual Channel Source PXI Express
  • SC5506A - 6 GHz Dual Channel Source USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC5511A - 20 GHz Signal Source USB/RS-232/SPI
  • SC800 - nanoSynth® Integrated 6 GHz SMT Synthesizer.
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