The 3D32 MicroDisplay makes it simple to create screens with custom graphics, text and gauges that will automatically adjust based on J1939 values.

With an innovative design, native coding is not required for custom user interfaces. Screens and graphic objects can be created with the PC software tool which is included and stored in the on-board flash memory.

When in use the 3D32 can be controlled two different ways; a vehicle’s Electrical Control Unit can send and receive commands to control the display and with the new Menu Object and Screen List Object, the display can be programmed to provide stand-alone functionality.

Styled to sit next to Grayhill standard 20-button 3K Keypad

  • Easily display custom graphic icons, text boxes and active gauge elements
  • Controlled via J1939 PGNs
  • Ideal for off-road vehicle applications
  • 3.2-inch backlit LCD (256x128)
  • Custom Options Available