The B350 L-Band Tracking Receiver from Novella SatComs has been designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites.

They are particularly suited to track satellite beacons (frequency and power stable signals generated on board satellites, used for telemetry and control) in earth stations using large antennae requiring good boresight alignment and stable uplink power. These receivers are synthesised in 10kHz steps, allowing accurate targeting of the pilot (generated on the ground and re-transmitted on board) on the on-board beacon.

Novella’s most common tracking receiver has an input at L-Band, 940 to 1,750MHz, optionally 940 to 2,150MHz. The L-Band signals are downconverted to around 70MHz and then processed by a coherent tracking and detection module.
  • Input frequency range 940 - 2,150MHz (check datasheet for model)
  • Output frequency +/- 10V DC
  • PLL noise bandwidth 2kHz
  • Step size: 10kHz.