The bc635PCI-V2 timing module provides frequency and precise time to the host computer and peripheral data acquisition systems.

A key feature of the bc635PCI-V2 is the ability to generate interrupts on the PCI bus at programmable rates. These interrupts can be used to synchronize applications on the host computer as well as signal-specific events.

Reading the Precise Time

It can provide the precise time on request and fast response to host applications. The request for time is made using SDK software functions (included). Time is provided in binary or decimal form.

A Multitude of Time Codes

The bc635PCI-V2 timing module has the widest time code input and output support available in any bus level timing card.

Measure External or Internal Events

Measure the exact time up to the occurrence of three independent external events occur. Bus interrupts instantly notify the CPU that the measurements are made and waiting. Host application-generated interrupts to the bc635PCI-V2 card over the bus can be precisely time stamped for precise host application based processes.

Flexible Rate Generation

The DDS on board can be programmed to generate rates up to 100MPPS or once every 115 days. These rates are available as timing signal outputs or as interrupts on the bus. The rate adjustment resolution is as small as 1/32 Hz

  • IRIG A, B, G, E, IEEE 1344, NASA 36, XR3, and 2137 time code inputs and outputs
  • Simultaneous AM and DCLS time code inputs and outputs
  • 100 ns clock resolution for time requests
  • Programmable <<1PPS to 100MPPS DDS rate synthesizer output/interrupt
  • CE(RoHS)-compliant
  • Linux, Solaris, and Windows software drivers/SDKs included