Javelin Ku-Band Block Upconverter – Mission Microwave’s proprietary power combining technology and thorough system optimisation, have produced a rugged 11lb amplifier that mounts directly on to an antenna boom, eliminating excess losses to the feed.

The revolutionary design features a compact form factor which provides improved cooling over more conventional package designs. Improved cooling equates to higher reliability, even in the most demanding of applications and extreme environments (-40°C to +60°C). The BUC’s stellar performance offers the highest usable output power for the lowest power consumption of any amplifier in its class.

  • 100W Psat for fixed and mobile high data rates
  • Industry leading efficiency drawing only 360W at linear output power
  • Extremely compact 11lb package
  • Small enough to integrate directly onto boom arm
  • Multiple M&C interfaces: ethernet, RS-485, RS- 232, and bluetooth remote control.