Convert your KU-Band DSNG vehicle in to a fully functional IP broadcast truck and IP hotspot by simply adding one of our OU Flex solutions.

  • Full duplex IP link back to the SES POP and give full web connectivity to your truck (WiFi and internet, links for your 4G bonded encoders and direct broadcast to social media or CDN)
  • Duplex point-to-point IP link without the uncertainty of the public internet or the expense of a direct fibre link from a POP, then with the inclusion of a single modem in the clients / broadcasters premises you can establish a direct IP link without going anywhere through the public internet.

We can offer a simple integrated shelf for you to install into your truck or full upgrade to one of our complete roof mount OU Flex solution. For flyaway applications we have a choice from ultra-portable flyaway system that can be carried onto any commercial aircraft to mobile systems to fit onto any vehicle or trailer.

With tailored service packages for media communications, IP video streaming, social media and file transfer; the Milexia OU-Flex solution enables you to stream live video from sporting events, share content on social media platforms, transmit content into archives, and exchange large files between locations.

With European coverage, online booking system, up to 30mbps, Fast, inexpensive and reliable – Milexia and OU FLEX have it all.

  • Pay as you go IP airtime over ASTRA 2F
  • Fully integrated solution
  • OU Flex integrated shelf
  • Roof Mounted antenna systems
  • Disaster recovery terminals
  • Easy install into your existing DSNG truck/flyaway kit