Either with fully discrete custom design or with Vicor COTS module integration, Power System Technology (PST) will help you to lower the design cycle, engineering costs and provide the benefit of high technology.

PST offer the highest quality solutions for reliability, efficiency, mechanical design and environmental requirements, covering a range of markets and applications including Defence, Transportation, Medical, Telecoms and Broadcast.

The latest design and project management tools combined with investment in the newest manufacturing and testing equipment help PST to deliver the state of the art of power electronics technology.

Their expertise covers AC-DC (single and three phases PFC 115Vac 400Hz), DC-DC, LED driver, cPCI/VME, BMS battery control & bidirectional Smart-Grid specially for conduction cooled, fanless and low-profile solutions.

  • Defence, Medical, Broadcast, Transportations Applications
  • Power Conversion
  • Software Programming
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality and Testing