Tracking Antenna Systems SATSIO from S3 Satcom

THE SATSIO SOLUTION – The S3 Satcom system breaks through these traditional product limitations. NORAD tracking replaces beacon tracking, innovative mechanical designs and advanced software address key limitations of other systems. The result is the most accurate and flexible small antenna tracking and pointing system on the market.

DELIVERED BENEFITS – Farms of fixed antennas can be replaced by a single Satsio system which is able to point at a selected satellite on-demand. For inclined orbit satellites, the NORAD tracking used by Satsio means that smaller antennas can be used with less expensive receive systems than traditional solutions. A web client provides global access.

  • Reliable inclined orbit tracking using NORAD data and advanced algorithms
  • Easy access using web client to monitor and control one or many systems
  • Rapid selection and pointing at satellites, with automatically updated database
  • Accurate position sensing with 17-bit absolute optical encoders
  • Flexible systems integration with extensive external device connection facilities
  • Excellent azimuth torsional stiffness with low backlash.