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Surface Mount & Connectorised Components

RF & Microwave products are available from Milexia UK. Consisting of an an extensive range of surface mount and connectorised products. Our RF & microwave component products and sub assemblies are manufactured by some of the leaders in RF and microwave technology.

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Adaptors & Connectors

A variety of in and between series adaptors and connectors, up to 265GHz.

Capacitors - Single & Multilayer

RF high power Hi-Q low ESR capacitors, broadband capacitors, trimmer capacitors and trimmer capacitors and single layer capacitors.

DC Blocks & Bias Tees

DC blocks available in inner only, outer, and inner/outer designs. Bias tees - general purpose, high current, pulsed and broadband products.

Digital Filter Banks

Digitally tunable, analog voltage tunable and switches sub-octave filters covering 2MHz to 26.5GHz.

Directional Couplers

A range of low and high power directional couplers offering low insertion loss and high directivity in compact packages.
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RF & Microwave Filters

Ceramic, Tubular, Cavity and Waveguide filters
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Frequency Synthesizers

High performance RF upconverters, RF downconverters and RF synthesizers, incl. frequency converters and signal generators.

Fixed & Step Attenuators

Our fixed attenuators cover the frequency range of DC-65GHz and power handling up to 1000W.

Isolators & Circulators

A complete product line of isolators and circulators ranging in frequency from 150MHz to 40GHz.


PIN limiter diodes available as packaged or as chips low loss and low parasitic. High power coaxial limiters.


Covering all microwave frequency bands from communication to ultra-bandwidth.


Our MMIC portfolio is comprised of broadband amplifiers (both power and low-noise), amplifier modules, gain blocks, prescalers, attenuators and switches.

Oscillators - Quartz & Atomic

A full compliment of oscillators including TCXO, VCXO, OCXO and VCO's. Atomic clocks comprising of Rubidium and Caesium standards.

PIN Diodes

PIN limiter diodes available as packaged or as low chips low loss and low parasitics.

Powerfilm Surface Mount Resistive Products

Attenuators, terminations, and resistors with power up to 1250W and frequencies up to 27GHz.

Programmable Attenuators & Attenuation / Switch Controllers

Electromechanical and solid state, DC-40GHz. A selection of attenuation ranges and step sizes.
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RF & Microwave Amplifiers

RF, Microwave and milllimeter wave, covering a range of low noise and power amplifiers.

SAW Filters

A comprehensive range of filters designed for high isolation between signals.
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Switches - Coaxial & PIN

Coaxial and PIN switches available up to 65GHz and 90GHz respectively.

Termination & Loads

A range of terminations and loads to cover the DC-40 GHz frequency range.
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