Milexia’s low-cost Outdoor/Ruggidised IP  Modems package for standard  satellite routers enable operation in harsh, dusty and wet environments supporting a wide range of IP Services like internet/intranet access, VoIP, emergency connectivity and IP Broadcast services with the advantage of outdoor operation.

The Milexia Outdoor/Ruggidised IP modems range have been designed to form the heart of an IP network injection point from remote locations utilising the our ‘Quick-Change’ plate it fits onto all Holkirk antenna systems without the need for tools.


Current Ruggidised modems include:-


  • Idirect                   X7, X5, X3 and X1
  • Newtect              MDM3100, MDM3300 and MDM3310
  • Teledyne             Q-Lite
  • Hughes                 Hx220
  • UHP                       220