Radio Over Satellite RoS:

If radios need to be connected over large geographical separations or you need to improve the economy,
reliability and interoperability of your existing radio networks, it is best practice to choose Radio over IP.

Radio over IP gives you a means of interconnection just like Voice over IP (VoIP), whilst retaining your existing radio equipment, but with extras such as the signalling needed to control push-to-talk radios.

Communicate with your standard DMR systems from any remote location (even without internet connection or 4G/LTE) back to your HQ core with seamless efficiency, using the SEMATRON Radio over Satellite solution.

Our satellite communication offerings include:

  • Full turn-key solutions including air-time contracts, permanent, semi-permanent, mobile (land, vehicle mount, marine)
  • Manual pointing or self seeking antenna technology
  • Full support packages including installation and training.